Takamaka is not just made in but made from the Seychelles. From the purest artesian waters and island grown sugarcane, right through to the passion infused by its Creole culture, Takamaka is more than just a rum.



One secret to our rum is the water collected from the Vallée de Mai. Here grows the endemic coco de mer palm, that the Victorians named the Tree of Knowledge. Well, the locals seem to know good rum when they taste it, so perhaps there’s something in it. 

the legend of coco de mer

The Seychelles is the only place on Earth where you will find the legendary ‘coconut of the sea’. Many people believe this curiously shaped fruit to be a potent aphrodisiac. Others say that the coco de mer trees make love on stormy nights. We believe what happens in Eden stays in Eden.

Seychelles the Island
Coco de mer, Coconut of the sea