explore the hidden seychelles 

Island life can be non-stop. Hire a car and head for one of our favourite places to uncover the real Seychelles.

A beautiful beach in the seychelles

Police Bay is the perfect antidote to your hotel's airbrushed sands. Its raw nature is more suited for chilling than swimming, the crashing waves putting you back in touch with wild nature.

Seychelles famous beach with views of granite boulders
Lady snorkelling in a yellow bikini in clear waters in seychelles

Water babies can escape the crowds in the turquoise waves of Anse Intendance. Surf or snorkel to your heart's content before resting weary limbs on pristine white sands.

Restaurant outside at La Plaine St Andre

Beach bums may prefer pitching up on Anse Takamaka, with spectacular views of Seychelles' famous granite boulders, blissed out in the knowledge that you've discovered a hidden gem.

For a taste of plantation life, explore the herb gardens of La Plaine St André. Play a game of pétanque or simply sit undisturbed in the shade of the Bilenbi Tree Avenue with a cocktail and the sound of nature.