You will need:

• two litre pitcher or punch bowl
• four tall glasses or goblets
• one long teaspoon
• a one litre measuring jug
• one egg-cup for measuring
• one kilogram of cubed ice
•one chopping board
•one sharp knife

The Tipple:

• 200 ml of white rum
•100 ml of dark rum
• two tots of apricot liqueur
• two tots of orange liqueur

The Taste:

• 400 ml of fresh pineapple juices
• 400 ml of fresh orange juice
• 100 ml of fresh lime juice
• around 100 ml of sugar syrup
• 16 dashes of angostura bitters
• lots of sliced fruit for garnish
• sugarcane sticks for stirring


How to make:

1. This recipe will make around eight drinks, or two drinks each for your party of four, as one is simply never enough.

2. You can start your party punch by slicing up some orange and cutting some limes & pineapple into wedges. Place your fruit into the bottom of your pitcher or punch bowl.

3. Pour in the white rum and fruit liqueurs, make sure you save the dark rum for later!

4. Pour in the fruit juices, sugar and bitters and give the concoction a quick stir to mix the flavours.

5.  Cut your sugarcane into thin stirrer-like strips and place one into each glass along with a handful of ice. You can also use sticks of lemongrass.

6.  Add a few handfuls of ice to the pitcher to chill the cocktail.

7.  Fill the glasses with plantation punch, leaving enough room at the top for a short tot of dark rum to be floated on the surface.

8. Pour half an egg-cup of dark navy rum slowly into the top of each glass, try to pour it over the top of a high ice cube as you do so. The rum will float on the surface of the punch in a ‘layer’. The dark rum makes for great presentation, brings a lovely rummy-ness to the aroma of the drink and adds a full-bodied flavour when it is stirred in with the sugarcane stick.