You will need:

• one large tumbler
• one egg-cup for measuring
• one teaspoon
• one wooden rolling pin
• one chopping board
• one sharp knife
• one handful of cubed ice

The Tipple:

• one tot of white rum
• one bottle of light bodied beer

The Taste:

• one cup of salt
• two or three teaspoons of hot chilli powder
• one whole fresh lime
• two teaspoons of white sugar


How to make:

1. Add two heaped teaspoons of chilli powder to a cup full of salt and stir together. Taste a little dab of the chilli-salt, it should have a lively spicy warmth, but if you’d like it a little hotter you can add another spoon.

2. Pour around one third of your chilli-salt onto a saucer and smooth it over by giving it a quick tap and wiggle. You will use this to give your glass it’s salty and spicy, lickable rim.

3.  Cut the lime in half and cut each half into four pieces. Use one of the pieces to smear lime juice around half of the rim of the glass and dab the juice smothered part in the chilli-salt so that it sticks. Tidy up the edges of your chilli-salt rim with a tissue.

4.  Place all of the lime into the glass and add two heaped teaspoons of sugar. Crush ‘the light rum & lime of the classic creole caipirissima, fuelled with an explosive eruption of island beer and frazzled with a fierce & fiery, chilli-salt rim’ the lime & sugar with your rolling pin to bind your sweet & sour flavours, and take a little taste to make sure it is nicely balanced.

5. If you are happy with your sweet & sour limey mixture, pour in the white rum and fill your glass with ice cubes.

6. Crack open a cold beer and top off your firey fix with a soothing splash. Pour the beer slowly so that the foaming beer does not ruin your rim.

7. Take a little lick of the chillisalt before each sip, get the barbecue fired up and swig away. 

The best thing about this cocktail is that it just keeps going, the more you drink it, the more you can top it up. Although the rummy-lime flavour will become less concentrated with each sip, the essence of the cocktail will add character to your beer till the very last drop! Live dangerously - don’t forget to keep dabbing at the chilli-salt!