You will need:

• one tall glass
• one long teaspoon
• one egg-cup for measuring
• one plastic ‘shaker’ container
• three handfuls of cubed ice
•one chopping board
•one sharp knife

The Tipple:

• half a tot of white rum
• one tot of agave tequila
• half a tot of orange liqueur

The Taste:

• one fresh passion fruit
• juice of half a fresh lime
• two large teaspoons of honey
• two tots of fresh orange juice
• sugar syrup to taste


How to make:

1. Cut your passion fruit in half and scoop out the pulp with your spoon into your shaker container. You need around one tot of fruity pulp.

2. Measure in the honey, fresh lime & fresh orange juice and briskly bash the ingredients together with your spoon to mix the honey and break up the passion fruit.

3. Take a little taste of the honeyed fruit mixture, if the honey has not added enough sweetness or flavour you can add a little more, or add a dash of sugar syrup to bring the flavours together.

4. Once you are happy, measure in one tot of tequila and half a tot each of Takamaka white rum & orange liqueur with your egg-cup, and throw in two handfuls of ice.

5. Place the lid on the plastic container and, holding it with one hand on the lid and one hand on the body of the container, give it a good shake for around ten seconds.

6. Open the container and strain the drink into your glass by using the container lid or spoon to hold the ice back.

7. Fill the glass with a handful of ice and garnish with a slice of mandarin and wedge of lime. If you haven’t filled your glass, top it off with some more orange juice.